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June 12, 2013

Sunshine Brings Building Project Back To Life

You are my Sunshine 
my only sunshine 
you make me happy when skys are grey, 
you never know dear 
how much I love you , 
please dont take my sunshine AWAY!

I am so elated that we have had a full day of "SUNSHINE."

I mean all this rain has totally put a HALT on the worksop building project (see post Let The Building Begin)

I thought I would give you guys an  update on how things are coming and where we are at.  

We started the build of  the workshop on May 28th where we laid the foundation.

May 29th, the floor was laid.

May 30th ......Rain

May 31st.....Rain

Now I am not talking just a few grey clouds with some daily showers, Im talking full on monsoon 4 inches in a few hours kinda rain, build an ARK kind of rain.

Our back yard looked like a lake, seriously standing water.

June 1st we got a break.......

So hubby was able to get the walls framed in with the help of myself, my son Jared and good friend Kaye. It took all four of us to stand up those 32 ft long walls.

One wall is up...woot!!!

Seriously, I was the crazy neighborhood lady doing a happy dance over a workshop wall. 

Now the other ones began to come together as hubby worked his DIY magic.

This DIY project was a little out of my crafty, creative know how :)

...........................BUT I did help, yep, sure did

It is really hard to take a picture of yourself while holding a heavy nail gun and doing a balancing act 12ft high on a ladder.

 Scary people, all I can say is scary. 

My son Jared and my hunkel-barry working on the construction of wall # 2

LOOKIE the 4 walls in all her glory!!!!

Hubby and I breaking for a pose with the construction.

It's coming together friends :)

can you see the happy on my face!!

Until next time,

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