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September 8, 2012

Closet Door Art...I'm No Picasso

I'm No Picasso

It all started when hubby and I replaced our bedroom closet doors.

These were hollow core doors, almost 30 years old and not in great shape.

But as any DIY'er would do, I did not want to throw them away.

 I knew they could be used for something.

Being 7 ft tall doors I knew this would make a great canvas for a piece of artwork, however that presented a hug problem because............. I'm no  Pablo Picasso

Here I had this burning desire to paint to create, to flow in the arts but I had no vision.

So what did I do????        GOOGLE........

I looked at artist work......

I looked at abstract art because I cant even draw stick people (seriously) but I knew I could do abstract and mixed media art.

Needless to say I repainted this door 3 times with colors and designs until I was satisfied..... 

or should I say tired of all the do overs :)

 Here is my door art proudly hung over our couch.   It makes a big statement in the room ..... I so needed something over my couch.

Think of my excitement when my kids came over and said wow mom where did you buy that at.

They liked it ......they really liked it, or they were just being sweet.....whatever they were doing I just smiled and said ah! thanks

I love me some animal print so I took some zebra wrapping paper and cut out these triangles I watered down some brown paint and painted over each piece to give it an aged look.

Then I just mod podged it right on the door canvas.

See the lines in the wall under the right side of the picture?

Yeah, well that is another project...we had a busted water pipe so hubby had to cut out the wall to replace the pipes.  

 I have an idea of what I want to do to this wall.

That is for another post once I get it done.

I really had fun being creative with this and it was all free......... I love free

So do we have any Picasso's out their?  

Please share what you did, I would love to see pics.


Until next time,
partying at,

I should be mopping the floor

September 1, 2012

Meet Miss Bon Appetite...Kitchen Island Transformation

Here is one of my transformations I refinished from a find I picked up for a great deal.

This is how the island looked when I got it

As you can see this island was nice looking and not in bad shape and could have been used as is.

But I saw so much more and knew this could be refinished into a beautiful piece.

Here she is after a good cleaning, sanding and taking all the hardware and doors off.

The next step was to prime.....

I gave her a multi step finish.....I painted her a creamy white color and then custom mixed a darker cream and layered on top.

I continued with distressing and then a dark glaze on top.

I really didn't care for the original black industrial looking caster wheels that came on it.

I wanted to customize it so I found some legs that went to a bed in a antique shop.  I cut them down sanded, painted distressed/glazed and ended up with these beautiful new feet that adorns the island.

I added hammered felt sliders to the bottoms of each foot so the island could be moved with ease without scratching the floors.  I really like the look.

I hand rubbed a durable wax finish on the entire piece for a subtle sheen.......

 The drawer and the bottom shelf was lined with this beautiful floral paper

The icing on the cake was to finish her off with hand painted Bon Appetite wording on top for a designer finish.

Now Miss Bon Appetite is ready to go into the store for a new home.

So she is up for sale if anyone is interested in giving her a home in their kitchen.

Until next time,


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