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December 24, 2013

A Photo-shoot With Mr. & Mrs. Santa Claus


Don't you just love making memories?

Those times spent with family and friends......

Well hubby and I took our grand-babies to the Festival Of Lights this Christmas......Tanglewood Park in Clemmons, NC

The lights were breathtaking...... watching Kinley (3 yr old) and Sophie (1 yr old) oooo and ahhh was worth all the waiting.

As you drive through the park you feast your eyes upon the dancing lights.

although we don't have snow we drove through a parade of falling snowflakes made of lights.

It was magical!!!

Pass by lit toy soldiers...... how about a swan lake......

Santa and his flying reindeer......

                                                A land of lit candy canes..........

As you take in the sights of the season riding through the park there were all kinds of themes.

We listened to Christmas carols as we watched in amazement.

We even busted out a "jingle bells" and "Rudolph the red nose reindeer" with the girls.

You can stop at the gift shop for some shopping.

How about carriage and hay rides!

Hot Chocolate is a must have......what kid does not love some hot chocolate

But I think my favorite memory was the girls photo-shoot with the Claus's.

It was so much FUN!!!

I think I was more excited than Kinley.......

I mean look at this Santa.......

really is he not the best Santa Claus you have ever seen before........

Sweet Sophie.....

She was a little unsure of the bearded man

Gazing at Santa with purpose........

A wee bit unsure.......

trying to figure it all out

in the end she sat quietly.......

Gazing at the jolly couple while getting her picture taken

Kinley on the other hand, a tad bit older knew all about sitting on Santa's lap.

She jumped up their like a pro and told Santa and Mrs. Clause everything she wanted to get for Christmas

She is giving us her shy look here above.....

Santa is asking her what she wants for Christmas....

he is listening to her tell him that her sissy wants a doll for christmas.

How sweet......

Here she is slapping Santa a five before she is off to finish seeing the lights with her Nonna' and Grandbarry.

It was a great evening and memories we will cherish for a lifetime!

What memories did you make this Christmas?

Until next time,

December 2, 2013

Seed's For Success “Effective communication"

“Effective communication" is 20 percent what you know and 80 percent how you feel about what you know.”


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