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Welcome, Friends! I'm Lori, I author the blog, Color It Simple

This blog is an outlet for me to share the things that transform my world and the world around me.

 Transformation can come in many forms..................

So here at Color It Simple you will see the colors of my world in  timeline moments.  In decorating, crafting, cooking, restoring old furniture, a DIY project, learning a new skill, children & grandchildren, self Improvement, inspirational stories.

So you see, you will find wrapped up in this little blog the things that happen in my life and all around me to color my world.

Join with me in the journey of transformation.  Please share your thoughts with me as we journey together.  I love to make new friends, so let's connect.  If you have not subscribed to my blog will you join me before you leave? :)


You might ask "What is your story"?

I am a simple girl living in a complicated world.

I am the middle child of 3 having 2 brothers.  I am self employed as a consultant helping non profit organizations raise money for their cause.

I love to create! I love transformation. I really do not care to go shopping but I enjoy the thrill of thrift shopping, finding a good deal. I enjoy singing, song writing, photography and camping with my family..... I have a deep love for Jesus, he is the keeper of my heart! He is my provider, healer, peace, joy, He is my Savior and Lord.

My husband and I own and operate a health and wellness business as well as a Self Defense and computer biz.  So we have many irons in the fire.  In today's world you have to create your own economy.

I love spending time with my family........................

 My mom and dad live in the same town as me.

My younger brother and his wife lives in California........................ My brother is a Lt. Colonel in the Air Force.  He flys the U2.

I have an older brother and his wife lives not far from me.

I am married to prince charming, Barry~~ aka my hunk-el-barry

My husband Barry is amazing, he is my partner in DIY crime. If I need or want something done he will figure out a way to do it to save us the $$.

He is a Kenpo Self Defense instructor, as well as a computer IT guy.

Hubby= Barry (aka) my Hunk-el-Barry

 I have 4 handsome young sons. 

My first born were twins Brad & Aaron........2 minutes apart to be exact

No I did not want their names to rhyme (they now thank me for this). 

Brad was the first born weighing in at 4 lbs 12 ozs, then Aaron weighing in at 4lbs.
Aaron & Brad Then

Aaron & Bradley

Now keep in mind back in the 80's we did not have the fancy digital cameras. 

I spent hours when Aaron, baby # 2 got married scanning all the pictures of the kids onto my PC.

Ah, I so miss them being small.   Now the twins are all grown up and married.

Aaron~ Brad

Brad and wife Tyler

Aaron, Ashley, Kinley

Jared Paul then

Jared Paul Now

I then had my 3rd son, Jared born 4 years later, yes I braved pregnancy praying I did not have twins again.

Don't get me wrong it was worth every minute but lot's of work, I did survive.
Jared is still waiting on Miss. Right and he graduated from The Ramp School of Ministry.


Meet Cody my awesome step-son that lives in Utah.  It is such a treat when we get to visit with him.

Meet the recent additions to my family

My two beautiful granddaughters.......  Kinley Ava and Sophie Ella

Kinley Ava

Sophie Ella

Whether this is your first time here or you’re a regular – I’m so glad you stopped by! Make sure to introduce yourself and if you have a blog, leave me your link.

Also, make sure to grab my button and show me some comment love before you leave!



3 Thoughtful Comments:

Sherry said...

Hey,Just wanted to say this is my 1st time here and I love the work you have been doing on furniture its something that I would like to get into. I love your blog and decided to follow it. Ive never followed one before so I hope I took the right steps to do that. Thank you and keep up the great work you are doing.

sherry said...

Lori@Color It Simple said...

Welcome, Welcome Sherry!!

So happy you have joined me on my journey here on Color it Simple. Thank you for your compliment, I love transforming furniture and playing with paint.

If you have a desire to transform furniture jump in head first. I suggest when you see a piece on the side of the road that someone has thrown away, grab it. This way you can practice and not be concerned about messing up something you spent money on. Heck when I mess up I just paint over it (Grin) Just let your creative juices flow.

I would be happy to help you any way I can if you have questions on how to do something. I am not an expert by any means but I love to help people. Just shoot me a message at

Thanks for sending me your email or I would not have been able to respond directly to your sweet comment.

Lori @coloritsimple


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