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August 19, 2012

Before & After Thrift Find

Meet Mary Jane!

One Saturday a good friend of mine Kaye and I set off to Goodwill to find some thrifty finds for her brand new house that she had built and just moved into. 

She had ask me to help her decorate her place and I was super excited to accept the challenge. 

I laid my eyes on this Shabby piece for 12.00

When I saw it I said, wow...My friend Kaye said ......UH~REALLY (with  a look of horror) what are we going to do with that?

I laughed :)  because all she saw was this ugly piece of furniture with runny gold paint and no top.

I said ............oh this will be awesome, trust me.

She said ........OK.......(sigh) .......I trust you .......let's get it.!

She had no top as you can see above but she did have doors ...............................

I was so excited about the redo that I forgot to take pictures before I took the doors off.

The great thing is this piece was solid wood, however she was in rough shape and needed a good sanding to remove some gold spray paint that someone had attempted to spray on.

Kaye and I took to our project sanding off all the mess.

Oh I forgot to mention Mary Jane had these old gold caster wheels which we removed.

Like any good DIY'er I saved those casters for another project down the road.

I had Mr. CIS to cut me some pallet boards to make a top for this piece, I had a vision and was hoping that it would all come together in the end.

I ask her what color she wanted on Mary Jane

.................. she said what do you think?

so their I stood trying to figure out the perfect color for her new thrift find.

She had a multi color rug in her foryer and it had one of the colors I thought would be perfect.

This turquoise has been one of my favorite go to colors this year.

So we painted Mary Jane and immediately she had new life in her.

I told my friend, now we need to distress her a little and age her with some glaze.

At this point before the distressing and glazing my friend was falling in love with her now found thrift find.  :)

We stained the top boards before they were attached......

we stained the center board for contrast as well as the inside shelf.

Oh did I mention Mary Jane had STORAGE!!

Once we finished the glazing and distressing we spray painted the hardware with oil brushed bronze and put her all back together.

Now she was all dressed up and perfectly ready for her new found home.

Into the Foryer she went......

The pretty wood tulips sitting here we picked up at goodwill that day as well.

what do ya think of our Mirror we found the same day at goodwill?

Oh my our heart went pitter-patter when we saw this.

I knew it would be a great match to hang over Mary Jane in the foryer.

So what do you think of Mary Jane?  My friend loves, loves her new thrift find sitting in her new found home.

Until next time,
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August 6, 2012

From China to China Grove, NC.... A miraculous adoption story

Hi friends!

Grab a cup of coffee and some tissues you will need them :)

I have a heartwarming story I have to share with you.

This story come from the Salisbury Post about a family I met a few weeks ago in a church my husband and I were visiting.  I met Lisa and her husband Gary as well as Chet.  What a beautiful family!

I love to see and hear how God orgistrates his plan of action.  You see in China a child at the age of 14 is put out of the orphanage the only home they know. Can you imagine a 14 year old child being put out on the streets to fend for themselves?

You will see in this miraculous true story how three deaf boys that were best friends in an orphanage in China were reunited after They’d last laid eyes on each other 7,000 miles away, in Tianjin.  They discovered, that all along they had lived only 25 minutes apart from each other. Read their amazing story and see How God worked all this out for these boys.  What a mighty God I serve, He is on the throne!

Gary and Lisa Fink of China Grove are shown here with the son they adopted from China, Chet. Submitted photo.

By Katie Scarvey
CHINA GROVE — It sounds like the beginning of a fairy tale.
Once upon a time, there were three boys who lived in an orphanage in Tianjin, China. They were deaf, and so the chances of them being adopted were not great.

But they had each other.

They were best friends.

In 2008, fortune smiled on one of the boys, Sun Bin Fang. He was adopted by an American couple and given the name of Ben. He was happy, but sad too, because he had to say goodbye to his friends at the Children’s Welfare Institute, knowing he’d never see them again.

A year and a half later, in 2009, the second of the trio of friends, Wu Ye, was adopted by an American couple and became Eddie. Eddie was happy to be adopted, but he worried about Zhen Sen being alone without him.

Zhen Sen stayed at the orphanage, missing his friends. Month after month, year after year, he edged closer to being 14, when he would have to leave the only home he’d known and return to the streets of Tianjin.

Eddie and Ben never forgot him. And even though they were both in the United States, with loving families, they couldn’t help but miss Zhen Sen — and each other.

Chet Fink is shown here in China before leaving with his new parents, Gary and Lisa Fink of China Grove. Submitted photo.
• • •
Flash forward a bit. Eddie’s interpreter at school told his parents that she knew another family who had adopted a deaf boy from China and wondered if they wanted her to set up a meeting. Eddie did, and the parents of both boys agreed.
As the boys saw each other, each signed the good news: “That’s my best friend from the orphanage.”
They’d last laid eyes on each other 7,000 miles away, in Tianjin.
And now, they discovered, they lived only 25 minutes apart. Eddie was in Marshville in Union County and Ben was in Concord.

What are the odds?


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