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March 29, 2013

Cont......Part 2, WOW God! My Son's Battle with Stage 4 Cancer


So, for the rest of the story! continued from Part one.... 

I wasn't prepared for the word CANCER and especially not from my 25 year old son.

Although broken hearted my son and I along with my family and our network of friends had FAITH and HOPE in something much bigger than ourselves .

A Limitless GOD.

A GOD of the Supernatural!

A GOD that is abounding in love.

We know we live in a fallen world and bad things happen to good people. Bad things happen to people that follow Christ Jesus....It's called LIFE

We also know that the word tells us that we have an enemy of our souls that comes to kill, steal and destroy.

But in this LIFE we have someone that we can run to everyday to guide our steps and teach us what to do and how to do it.

Jared standing for LIFE

So thats what we did we.

I ask Papa God to gives us strategies on how to fight this evil cancer that had come to take my son's life.  It was our enemy and we were at war.

War calls for action not complacency...........

 We dont tell God how big our problem is we tell our problem how big our God is!!!!

My husband is awesome, he locked arms with me and we started to research.

We researched natural ways to fight cancer and cure cancer.  Too our shock we learned so much about the immune system and how it works and how cancer begins.

We learned that a sick immune system is the cause of all cancer and disease for that matter. 

Shocking!! to learn that most people have cancer in their bodies and do not even know it, now that's a scary thought........ 

BUT the good news is a heathy body and a strong immune system destory emerging cancer cells before they can create this life-threatening disease.

Did you know????  that over 5,000 people in North America are diagnosed with cancer everyday---that is almost 2 million per year.  It is an epidemic.  

And what do we do about changing our eating habits, strengthening our immune system, Getting out of a sedentary lifestyle.   We, yes we need to make changes in our lifestyle to help us live healthier lives. We have to take control of our bodies and make wise choices. 

ya, know the old saying.........."Garbage in----- Garbage out"     "An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure"

It is true we reap what we sow.  

Did you know that 1 soda (sugar= poison) can suppress your immune system for 6 hours.

So my hubby got in touch with some cancer researchers from the Cancer Tutor  this website gave us a lot of good alternative cancer treatments and exposed a lot of truths as well.

Before my son was to start his Chemo treatments the researchers said we had to be very aggressive since he was at stage 4.  Their were some protocols that were synergistic with Chemo so thats what we showed our son.

Now please know I am not a fan of chemo because it is a poison that literally destroys everything in the body good and bad.  So it destroys the Immune system (scratching head) what we need to build up to fight the cancer naturally.  However this is a whole other post!

We put my son on the The Bob Wright protocol for cancer...this is a high alkaline protocols and in our research we found out that cancer CANNOT live in a high alkaline body.   

Jared was put on a strick 30 day fresh, organic, high alkaline raw vegetable diet.  This raises the alkalinity naturally but can be a slow process.  He avoided all sodas and sugars.....

Cancer LOVES sugar ..... it feeds it and cause it to multiply. 

We also bought Jared a Tyent water ionizer that would produce 11.5 chemical free super charged water for his body and every cell in it. This was a huge deal and would help raise his alkalinity quick. ( I was not paid to endorse this product)

WARNING: their is a right way and wrong way to use this high alkaline water so if you or any family member use this follow the instructions or follow the instructions in the Bob Wright Protocol which is what we did.

I want to get one of these amazing machines for our own home at some point.  This is good at preventing/healing disease all around.

Did you know that Alkaline water machines are prescribed medical devices in China.

If you have a family member that has cancer I highly recommend this alkaline water.  Do your due diligence on the research of these products you will be amazed.

Jared ministering the Love of Jesus and sharing his testimony 

I have more to share but will have to leave this for another blog post.

stay tuned for the rest of the story soon to come be continued

Until next time,

March 28, 2013

WOW God! My Son's Battle with Stage 4 Cancer (Video Blog)

Have you ever had a WOW God moment?  

Let me bring you up to speed...........................

My son, Jared was living in Murfreesboro TN and he texted me at 4am and ask if I was up.  Now, I know my son and he would not be up at any 4am, unless their was a problem.  

So like any mom would do when I got his text upon awakening, my heart sank and wonderend what was wrong?  I immediately called him but it kept going to voice mail.  Now, I was trying not to panic since I could not get a response for over an hour.

me and Jared playing around with our recorders 

Long story short, we talked, he said he had been having trouble breathing when he sent the text, then told me of his itching symptoms he had been having for weeks and now he tells me, "I have a lump in my neck."  

At this point, I said, "young man get up and get yourself to the doctor." 

So after his appointment and many test later later in October of 2012, our 25 year old son, Jared Paul was given the news by the doctors that he had Stage 4 Hodgkin's lymphoma.

Jared made this picture with this caption keeping things humorous. To know Jared he is fun loving and always making people laugh.

Hodgkin's lymphoma is a cancer of lymph tissue found in the lymph nodes, spleen, liver, bone marrow, and other sites. 

I certainly was not prepared for what I had just heard.........

I actually felt numb and in shock.

When Jared told me this news, I had to reach deep within my spirit for the breath of life......... for life giving words 

..................................I told him "Son this is only news, This is not the TRUTH."   

was I heartbroken of course, did I cry of course, I am a mom who loves her son and would trade places with him if I could.  But I knew where to run, I knew where my hope and help comes from.


You see, most people think of NEWS and TRUTH as one in the same.  The doctors gave my son a diagnosis based on  test results and medical facts.  But as followers of Jesus we walk by TRUTH which is God's word.  Jesus teaches us to walk out our lives by Faith not by sight.

Faith goes beyond the limits of News!  ...........

Man has so many limitations but Our God is a limitless God !!!!

Matthew 19:26  Jesus said “With man this is impossible, but with God all things are possible.”

POSSIBLE, think about that, POSSIBLE....  Possibility gives HOPE



Able to be done; within the power or capacity of someone or something.

.........................Impossible leads to Hopelessness......................



  1. Not able to occur, exist, or be done: "an impossible task"; "impossible to keep up".
  2. Very difficult to deal with: "an impossible situation".

God is our POSSIBLE in Impossible situations

Remember, FAITH is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen. Hebrews 11:1

So we did what we had been taught............

We had to put our Faith into ACTION.......not an easy feet when you have the C word hanging over your head.  

However we took hold of our faith in God and reached out to many that have faith to stand with us and believe for Jared's healing.

Here is a video blog our son, Jared made right after he was given the NEWS

More to come on this WOW God moment  

to be continued.........



Until next time,


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