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April 24, 2012

Pillow Talk

This little pillow was a thrifty 2.00 find I got at my local Goodwill.  Dont you just love going thrift shopping?

This pillow was calling to me saying, I would look so pretty spruced up sitting on your rocker in your outdoor space.

So I picked her up gave her a good look over and said OK you're coming home with me!

I then proceeded to ponder what I could do to dress her up a bit and give her more character.

Idea, burlap......Burlap is always a good addition to any project.

So I cut a 3 inch strip out of my burlap and pulled out the sewing machine although the sewing machine and I aren't that great together.

I mean, I have not done much sewing in years so I was not sure how to accomplish the ruffled vision I had in my head for this lonely little pillow friend.

Google is my best friend when I need to figure out how to do something, so to the PC I went.

Their I found out how simple making a quick ruffle was and so I began.

A few minutes later I had a beautiful ruffle to attach to my new find.

I grabbed the glue gun and got to gluing this ruffle onto my pillow.

It was a simple fix and now she adorns my rocker in my outdoor space with all her textured beauty.

I found another fab find .......this all so creamy throw to add to the back of the rocker to pair with my new pillow.  A great match dont ya think?

So friends, do you think I should add a cute flower of some sort to this pillow?  Or leave her be?

Until next time,

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April 14, 2012

I would say "I Do" all over again!

You see my knight is sweeping me off my feet!!!!!!!

Well friends today April 14, 2012 is my 6th wedding Anniversary

I dedicate this post to my loving DIY lifelong partner who is my Knight in shining armor.  My hunky hubby and I have been together for 10 years now.  We decided to keep our wedding simple and have it outdoors in the spring inviting close friends and family.  

It was really OH So perfect.

I have a funny story to tell. You see we were married on Good Friday in 2006.  As you know good Friday does not fall on the same day each year. 

Coming up on our 1st anniversary when good friday came around my dear hubby proudly said Happy Anniversary baby.......I laughed so hard explaining that our special day was April 14th a week away. 

You see he thought he would always be able to keep up easily with our wedding date because of being married on Good Friday.  

It was a good laugh.

This was my Knight or should I say cowboy 10 years ago when we met at a photo-shoot in Texas.

He was originally from Utah living in Lubbock Texas at the time and I a Southern girl from NC.  I was in Lubbock on a modeling job when I met this handsome hunk.

These were some of our first pictures together 10 years ago, what great memories we have made over the years.

My cowboy/knight decided to up and move to NC to court me after our meeting in Texas. We dated exclusively for 4 years before we said I DO on April 14th 2006.

This is our beautiful wedding cake, simple and elegant!

Awe......... lookie he has captured me!

No words needed here, just bliss

well here I am, testing the good ole' mic with sound out at our outdoor wedding........

I had a special song planned to sing to my husband during the wedding ceremony....

this picture is a reminder that 6 years has put on 20 extra pounds (bah), who's counting? (me)! that's just depressing....I tell my hubby their is just more of me to Love!  ..........right ladies

My daddy and Me

                                     This is one of my favorite pictures with my 3 sons!!!

Here we are posing for the camera

Look at all my handsome men holding me up...this was not easy to do..... as you can tell my facial expression is less than glamorous...hehehe, it was fun! 

 Taking the cake! or so it looks

hey!!!!! thats where that extra 20lbs. came from

   The traditional cake cutting......

I feel so blessed by God to have been given such an amazing man.

I thank God often for his blessings.

And they lived Happily Ever After.........

Until next time,

April 13, 2012

A Star is Born......Pallet Coffee Table

Prop Your feet up....... Relax!

That is what my pallet coffee table in my outdoor space says to me everyday. It is an invitation to kick-back and relax.

You may think talking coffee tables, how bizarre.

Who loves FREE furniture?  Well that is what I got when Hubby and I created this oh so sweet coffee table from a wood pallet.

Daily, I drive past a set of condos and it seems like more often than not they are throwing out peoples unwanted furniture. Who knows, do people just abandon their unwanted items when they move out?

I am always on the look out for a treasure and low and behold one day I saw these.

They were legs to a big poster bed.  You should have seen me......It was dark, I pulled into the parking lot looking around to see if anyone was really! did it matter, this was just someones trash, it's not like I'm stealing anything......

............this may have been someones trash but I knew I would one day find a use for them in a project.

Now keep in mind the pallet coffee table had not yet been conceived and I had no clue what I was going to do with these huge poster bed legs.


I had been mulling over creating an outdoor room on my raised deck....... while contemplating what to put their I knew I wanted a coffee table.

That is when it I thought to myself, self I bet Mr. CIS will help you build a coffe table out of those pallets in the back yard.

Then I remembered those glorious legs.  Score! they would be the legs to my table....I knew they were much to long for a coffee table besides I  had only picked up two being I could not get the other two unbolted from the bed.  :)

So I had hubby, Mr. DIY to cut the legs in half for me, this meant that all four legs would not match but that was OK by me. It would be fashionably eclectic.

I did some sanding with my new sander that hubby bought me for my projects. Oh so sweet, it makes the sanding so much easier.

Really, I think he felt bad for me seeing me always sanding by hand......he said baby.... there is a better way!


My awesome DIY partner proceeded to pull the pallet apart so I could nail the boards back together with out the gaps.

I took my sander to the pallet and took off the roughness.......

We came up with a game plan of how to attach those beautiful legs by screwing them on. I was so excited to see what it was going to look like that we put it together and set in up.

It was love at first site!  Isn't it just so warm and cozy...... I even love the rustic look it had going on before I took the paint brush to it.

I just let it set their for a few days while I propped my feet up and contemplated the colors.

I had an idea of what I wanted it to look like, that always means multiple colors and coats of paint to get the end result.  Heck, sometimes I change the color altogether if I dont like it. That is the beauty of PAINT.

As you can see below the legs did not end up this color I started with.

Well after a few hours OK maybe days I finished the top the way I wanted it.

Two blues and a green layered together and we have a table top.

Then I sanded and primed the legs since they were very shiny, I did not want my paint to start peeling off.  I finished the legs off with a two coats of white spray paint to give it a clean airy look.

I love the distressed look of furniture and with the rustic top it was a must have. So I took some sandpaper to the legs and gave them a good ole' light rub down where you wold normally see wear.

I chose to stain the sides of the table to warm it up a bit.

So there you have my free pallet coffee table. Thanks and hugs go out to my hunk-el barry for helping me complete this fun project.

Dont you just love creating something fun!  What do you think?  Have you created any coffe tables for your spaces?


Until next time, 

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