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March 1, 2012

Filing cabinets made Beautiful

Who can use more storage???  We could all use more storage me some storage :)

 Filing cabinets are great for that purpose however they leave a little to be desired in the fashion sense, right?

If you have a home office and have one or two of these metal or wood filing cabinets let's face it they are just plain ole' BORING and ugly.

let's explore some different filing cabinets together.

Your basic metal ugly industrial silver, ah so inviting...not!
or the common putty, tan or beige
or how about basic black
then we can get a little more fancy and go with a wood look, but that's gonna cost ya.

 filing cabinets with a pop of color!

So there you have your basic filing cabinets that come in different color and sizes.

Featuring California Callahans

So looking on the world wide web I ran across this DIY filing cabinet makeover and fell in love.  I was like wow now that's a piece of art and it would spruce up any home office decor.  I loved it so much I pinned it and within 15 mins there were 63 repins and 17 likes. I thought to my self wow this must really be of interest to DIY'ers so that is what inspired my post.

Now on to the lovely pin tutorial that inspired me.  Giving a shout out to Leah and Matt over at California Callahans for their inspiration on how to turn something unattractive into a work of decor art that is warm and inviting.

Here is their before picture, a craigslist find for 30.00~~woot, gotta love those sweet deals

Before Source

 Here is the beauty after!!!!

Did they not do a fantastic job.....I love the choice of wallpaper used on the drawers, so very elegant. Go visit California Callahans here to get their tutorial. Nice job and a big thank you to Leah and Matt for the inspiration.

Here are some more makeovers you might enjoy.

Before and after of a filing cabinet turned planter from Better After

Before...Richmond Thrifter

After.... Richmond Thrifter

Anne's File Cabinet makeover 

wow look at this beauty....a filing cabinet turned into a kitchen cart...lovin it


So what does your filing cabinet look like? I'll show ya mine if you show me yours!!

If you have a before and after picture of your filing cabinet that you would like to share on Color It Simple shoot me an email with your pictures HERE.

I will share the inspiration with the blog family...this will add to our inspiration and our love for decorating.

Get to filing!

Until next time,

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Summer Daniels said...
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Lori@Color It Simple said...

Summer I did not personally do these awesome filing cabinets they were done by other crafty folks.

I would love to see your finished cabinet when you're done. :o)

thanks so much for commenting

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