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February 24, 2012

Spotlight on Mr. DIY

I had an important meeting today and the grocery shopping needed tending to so my faithful husband that does most of our grocery shopping hit the store to grab some items I needed to make a yummy homemade lasagna for my dads birthday dinner I am having on Sunday.

When I returned home many hours later he was back with all the groceries put away and had out the OLD sewing machine.

That's right people the sewing machine.

Can you tell the intensity~~~~~he is in the Zone

This guy can use a sewing machine like a power tool.

Now you may ask what was he doing with the sewing machine?

Well he is a Self Defense karate instructor and owner of Concord Kenpo Karate and my Gi needed a patch added.

This is a service he gives to all his students for a very small fee to sew on patches to their Gi.

 I being his beloved wife and faithful student needed my name patch sewn on so he decided to sew it on for me of course for freeeeeee.

He is just amazing!

Im a lucky girl

So I just had to grab a few shots, (lighting is bad, sorry) not to mention my outdated camera :(

yes, I made him pose for the shot, I said baby it's for the blog and he said OH of course honey.

See all those patches, thanks to my Mr. DIY or DIFYW "do it for your wife" :) :) I have all my patches to spruce up my Gi ready for Monday's class.

I so think this is comment worthy.  Don't you?

DO tell and share your DIFYW "do it for your wife" moments so we can all oo and ah over our husbands thoughtful acts of kindness.

Share the love!!

Until next time,
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3 Thoughtful Comments:

thistlewoodfarm said...

You are so blessed! My husband is currently working on the floor in the upstairs bathroom....but he wouldn't know what to do with a sewing machine. LOL!

thistle :)

cathy@my1929charmer said...

My hubs has been at the sewing machine but not to sew, to clean all the lint out of it. So lucky you have such a "talented" hubs. Thanks for sharing your creative inspiration at Sunday's Best Par.tay!

Jenny said...

Seriously...what an amazing hubby. I am happy if I get mine to put away his clothes let alone sew! Good for him :) Thanks for linking up with my for favorite thing friday, this was a perfect favorite thing :)


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