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February 18, 2012

Beautiful Day For Projects

Wowzers, what a beautiful Saturday in NC, sunny and upper 60's.  I spent most of the day working on a project or should I say several projects, along side my DIY'er hubby making a saw horse and bee boxes, you say what are these bee boxes you speak of?  That will be for another post.

One project was for my daughter-in law Ashley.  I had made this oh so cute re-purposed ________? have to wait for the reveal, yeah I know how could I do that. I will get around to posting it soon.

Any way back to Ashley, when she saw my re-purposed _________ she loved it and had a dream afterwards that she had ask me to make one for her.  When my son told me last week about her dream how could I not make it for her.  Here is a sneak peak

So I started on it earlier in the week..... with my hunk-el Barry's help we finally got it together and I got to the fun part of painting.  I hope to have her's finished in a few days, if I get busy on it tomorrow after church I might even finish it tomorrow, oh well we shall see.  Then I will reveal!

Project # 2 is a work in progress our outdoor deck patio.  I wanted to make it into an intimate outdoor Living area.  I told hubby my roof idea that was inexpensive so he got that up last week.

I love it, now I have been working on a shabby sign and other details to add to the space. This is another reveal for a later post.  Boy do I have a lot to finish and a lot to post,  I better get busy.

Hey, it's just finding the time to fit it all in, I know you all understand.

So what projects are you working on and waiting to reveal??????    DO TELL

Until next time,

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Jennifer @ Town and Country Living said...

Beautiful sign. Love the font!


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