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December 15, 2011

Tis the season to be Jolly~~The Reason We Celebrate!

 Christmas, ah! Tis the season to be is a time for us to remember & celebrate the birth of Jesus our Savior. Really, isn't it amazing that Jesus left His kingly throne and came down to earth to be clothed in our human flesh. To walk as a man, to feel what we feel, to experience all the struggles that you and I would ever face in our, to show us how to live our life by following his example. Then to know that he took upon himself our sins, the sins of the whole world that we could be reconciled back to the Father by accepting Him. I mean that is a reason to celebrate! That is the best love story ever played out.

When my kids were small they would get up on Christmas morning excited to see what they had received under the tree. But before any presents were unwrapped we would sing Happy Birthday to Jesus and read the bible story of His precious birth and thank him for his sacrifice.  It was a tradition in our home to remember and to celebrate the true meaning of CHRISTmas!

Boy do I miss those days.

I know this blog is brand new but if anyone out their in blog land lands here I would love to hear your family traditions.

 Adding some color in our Christmas cottage
our little cottage tree centerpiece

Homemade mason jar tea-light candle with Epsom salt,
cranberries, a stick of cinnamon tied with twine!


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