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September 1, 2012

Meet Miss Bon Appetite...Kitchen Island Transformation

Here is one of my transformations I refinished from a find I picked up for a great deal.

This is how the island looked when I got it

As you can see this island was nice looking and not in bad shape and could have been used as is.

But I saw so much more and knew this could be refinished into a beautiful piece.

Here she is after a good cleaning, sanding and taking all the hardware and doors off.

The next step was to prime.....

I gave her a multi step finish.....I painted her a creamy white color and then custom mixed a darker cream and layered on top.

I continued with distressing and then a dark glaze on top.

I really didn't care for the original black industrial looking caster wheels that came on it.

I wanted to customize it so I found some legs that went to a bed in a antique shop.  I cut them down sanded, painted distressed/glazed and ended up with these beautiful new feet that adorns the island.

I added hammered felt sliders to the bottoms of each foot so the island could be moved with ease without scratching the floors.  I really like the look.

I hand rubbed a durable wax finish on the entire piece for a subtle sheen.......

 The drawer and the bottom shelf was lined with this beautiful floral paper

The icing on the cake was to finish her off with hand painted Bon Appetite wording on top for a designer finish.

Now Miss Bon Appetite is ready to go into the store for a new home.

So she is up for sale if anyone is interested in giving her a home in their kitchen.

Until next time,

3 Thoughtful Comments:

Shabby Sweet Tea said...

Lori! This turned out amazing! I love how you cut down old bed legs. I have an island out in the garage that I need to redo and sell. What did you use for the top? I was thinking of using a stain and poly in one from Minwax. So,did she sell yet??

Linda said...

What a fantastic transformation!

Lori@Color It Simple said...

Thank you White Weathered Hutch !!!!! it was an honor having you stop in to leave a sweet comment.

Elyse I know I replied to you in an email but so the viewers would know the answers to your questions. I used a special walnut stain on the top and coconut oil for a conditioner (coconut oil does not go rancid like other oils) YES I did sell her and her new owners are in love with her!

Hugs to you both xx


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