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June 3, 2013

Let The Building Begin

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We did it! GULP

Yes it was a long time coming and needed....

We are or should I say my husband is building me a WORKSOP

I am helping of course!!!


this is the area we were looking at building it...this is the very back of the yard

 I still can't believe it, it still seems so surreal

Hubby and I took the plunge on Memorial day.

We went to Lowe's after 2 weeks of tediously preparing our specs for our new 12x 32 workshop.

So how did this all come about you may ask.

I have this side business of furniture painting and restoration you can see some of the pieces on my Shop Page  here @ The Distressed Nest

I did not have anywhere to do this other than inside this house and that was not going to happen

 so for the last year I have been using my gazebo by the pool wrapped up in blue and silver tarps.

Seriously people, it is so redneck ..................

but a girl's gotta do, what a girl's gotta do to make it work.....right

This kept me out of the rain and sun but I had to move all my patio furniture out into the weather.

So it was time to do something to change all that redneck love.

I know my neighbors are going to appreciate not having to look at blue and silver tarps everytime they look at my home.

So  to continue with my how it came about........

We found a pre-built barn shed and really liked it but we really did not like the 6,500 price tag that came with it.

So as a DIY'er what ya gonna do.

Your gonna see how much it would cost you to do it yourself.......and friends let me tell ya it was less that half the price.

So here the start of our barn style workshop journey

Here is faithful hubby AKA (My Hunkelbarry) measuring out the foundation, having to listen to me say"

uh, I dont think that is straight.........

Im sure he is thinking "what have I gotten myself into?"

And of course I had to get my hands on the power tools.......

It was my job to nail down the flooring woot!

more to come

Stay tuned................

Until next time,

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