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May 11, 2014

Jared's Journey "It's All About Jesus" {Bone Marrow Transplant}

Jared my son brought a timely word on 

"It's All About Jesus". 

Jared ministered this word days before being admitted to the hospital for a 30 day journey for a Bone Marrow Transplant.

During this message miracles broke out and people were being healed.........

A little girl who was deaf in her left ear could hear again; with tears running down her face! 

A woman with Melanoma Cancer was healed that day with proof of the doctors on her very next visit! 

This is all because of Jesus

 Jesus is our healer and Jesus can Heal You too!!! 

Please open your heart to hear this timely message!

It's All About Jesus
1)Finding Jesus in the Trials
2)Falling in love with Jesus
3)Faith in Jesus
4)The Blood of Jesus
Click here to watch this video of 

"It's All About Jesus"

Transforming Life,

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