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May 6, 2014

A Perfect Match {Stem Cell Collection}

In this picture top left hand corner is my son, Jared's stem cells that are being collected from the machine to the right of him. 

After the 7 days of chemo starting on the 14th of May, this bag of life giving cells will be used to restore, to reboot his whole immune system like back to a new born baby. The old immune system will be wiped out and in turn given the new {immature} blood stem cells. 

The day he gets these blood stem cells transplanted back into his body his immune system will be brand NEW…. it will be like being born again the nurses told us, he will have a new immune system, a new birthday........I chuckled and said, I think we will have a party & celebrate with a birthday cake that 

After hearing that statement made by the nurse, I felt Papa God revealing things to me while I sat there with my son Jared watching this collection process unfold. As his mother & the love I have for him, I would take his place; I would give my life for his to take away all the pain, to give him life. 

This made me ponder back to the day when I gave my heart to Jesus. I was born again, reborn in my spirit into God's kingdom. I had a new life, hope and a new chance, a new BIRTHDAY!  Heaven threw a party!

You see a blood donor had been found, a Perfect Match. 

Jesus Christ is his name; 

he was willing to give his blood for me to save my life from the cancer of sin that was going to take my life away. 

I needed a donor and His blood was a rare find, it was spotless, perfect in every way. His DNA had not been tainted with the sin of this world, it was perfect for me, perfect for you.  

However, before Jesus sacrificed & gave his perfect blood for us he did not know if we would accept him as our donor.  Regardless, He loved us so much that he gave his blood, his life for us so we could live & not die from what had corrupted us since our birth.  

Without his sacrifice of blood, exchanging his life for ours there was no hope, for us to live. 

..............................We would die in our sin. 

Jesus calls to us giving us a choice to receive his life giving sacrifice. 

If we choose to accept his life giving blood we are born again.  

We get a transplant, a new heart, new blood, spiritual blood, we take on the DNA of our heavenly Father, his blood restores and reboots our whole life, it wipes away every sin from our past, we become like a baby and we get to grow up and mature in his glorious nature. 

We get the opportunity to LIVE again. 

Thank you Jesus for your sacrifice and for being my blood donor!  

I have received him with open arms, have you?

Transforming Life,
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Shabby Sweet Tea said...

Lori. My stomach just sank and my eyes filled with tears. It has been so long since I have visited your blog. I had no idea your family was dealing with this. Thank God your cute as could be son found a donor. I pray that this will be the new start his body needs.

I found out quickly after having by baby in Nov just how amazing blood donors are. I had what is considered a fatal blood loss (around 6 pints). By the grace of God I am here and because of many strangers that donated.

Stay strong, I will be praying for him. Remember I am just a couple hours away so if you EVER need anything, please let me know. Me and the baby can be down quickly for coffee, cleaning or cooking. And I mean it. xo


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