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July 14, 2013

DIY Chalkboard Lettering For Dummies


Chalkboard art is all the rage.  I love the timeless look!

It is so stylish and trendy.................

There is just one small ......PROBLEM-O! 

I am no artist and I dont even like my own handwriting.......

So whats a girl to do to who dreams of making beautiful chalkboard art like a pro in her sleep

I thought to myself, SELF, why not try it the same way you do your signs.

The fantastic NEWS!!!!!!!!!

There ia a WAY and it worked beautifully.


You can get amazingly beautiful typography and look like a pro......

We just need some help from our very own computer which can produce any art work you can dream up.

If you can trace a line, you can get some fancy, artsy work with a little patience and time.

( I so love the art work by Lily & Val)

You will want to take a visit over to Lil & Val chalkboard Etsy Shop .....
She offers hand painted chalkboards, chalkboard prints and other paper goods of her own hand lettered chalk art. Her artwork has been featured in The Knot Magazine,, Huffington Post.

Can you say amazing and FREEHAND people.......

OK, so back to DIY Chalkboard Lettering for those of us who are, how can I say this nicely

......... ah! artistically challenged.

So, for those of us who were not born with artistic handwriting or drawing skills we can use a WORD doc or photo editing software like photoshop or Gimp  (free program) .

Pickmonkey is a great online photo editing tool that you can use as well.

So..............................Here's The DEAL! on getting artsy chalkboard art.

The 1....2....3.....on cool chalkboard art work

1. Open your editing program of choice

2. Design your text and art work in the actual size you want and print it out

3. On the reverse side of your paper cover the entire text and art in chalk...the heavier the better (lots of

4. Now place you paper chalk side down on your chalkboard and trace over everything with a pencil.

5. Remove your paper and WA, LA   their it is..... it may be a very faint outline so you will want to go back over everything and fill it in with chalk again.

(Tip, I read somewhere in google land that you can sharpen your chalk with a pencil sharpener to get a nice point for drawing)   Seriously, dont you just love the world-wide web!


Now you can color in each letter or number and you look like a pro.

Now you have a perfect artsy chalkboard Art!

I also had to get out a few paint brushes in different sizes wet the tip and clean up to stray chalk likes.

How fun and easy can it be.....

OK, a lil time consuming maybe......... but oh so worth it

and now those of us who are artistically challenged can have beautiful chalk-boards and be the talk of the town.

Here is my art work I did for my Distressed Nest Shop.

It turned out beautiful.

My son Brad, stopped by the house on his way home from work one day and I had this setting in the living room.

He looked it and said with amazement  "did you draw this?"

I boasted,  well of course, I did!!!   (sheepish grin)

He said, wow mom that is really good.  He said I am quiet impressed at your writing skills.


Should I tell him?

well of course I should tell him, what kind of mom do you think I

After we had a laugh over my being artistically challenged, he was still proud of me  :)

So there you have it A DIY guide to Chalkboard Lettering For Dummies

Do tell!  how do you do your chalkboard art if you are like me and artistically challenged?

Until next time,

2 Thoughtful Comments:

Khammany @ Sweet Inspired Home said...

Love this! I have always hated my handwriting and for some reason it looks even worse on chalk board! I will definitely check this out. I am a new follower so I hope you get a chance to visit my blog (and follow if you so please). Looking forward to keeping up with your projects!

Lori@Color It Simple said...

Hi Sweet Inspired Home, So happy to have you follow along. I am glad you found the post helpful :) , now go create all those beautiful chalkboard lovelys! I will stop by for a visit and follow!


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