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August 1, 2013

A Great Tip On How To Cut Burlap Straight With No Unraveling

Who is a big fan of Burlap????  

ME! ME! ME!...........

I mean seriously, who could not love Burlap?

Burlap is so popular and can be used in so many craft projects.

It is has a vintage look, it's inexpensive, versatile and

I adore it's texture .......

to boot it comes in different colors


however it can be a little rough around the edges

........have you ever tried to cut burlap in a straight line????

how did that work out???

for me, not so much......

Did you know you could cut burlap and not have it look like a road map to Kalamazoo

All those unwanted curves and such

cutting and cutting trying to get that straight edge to no avail

now, you don't have enough burlap for your project!


here's the hot tip on cutting a straight edge on your burlap

  1. iron your burlap on medium-hot heat making sure it is nice and flat..........

find one string or thread a half inch to inch from the edge and pull it out or work it to the outside of the fabric.

Don't become "Wonder Women" on this step and yank on it because you don't want the thread to break.

Just be patient and work it out.

If the rest of the fabric starts to gather thats ok just keep tugging gently until removed

Once you have accomplished this feat it creates a "straight line guide" (or channel) across the burlap allowing you to cut a straight edge.

Now get out your sharp scissors and cut along the channel or outside edge of the string/thread you just removed.

It magic! a beautiful straight line for your project.

Now, what if you don't want it to unravel.........

You can use modge podge or fabric stiffener around the cut edges to keep it from unraveling any more.

Some added burlap love tips........
  • to prevent that flying dusty mess when cutting burlap, lightly spray it with a mist of water, this will cut down on the dust that burlap gives when cutting. 

  • does the burlap smell bother you? grab some Febreze, or your favorite body spray and mist over the fabric.
source google
source google

and their you have it a way to get straight unraveled edges

Happy cutting,


2 Thoughtful Comments:

Sabeena Chaudhry said...

Thank you! Sensible and practical advice. I also read you can spray starch the fabric before cutting (instead of water) do you think that would work? :)

Robie Waterworth said...

I am going to test something.I am using the burlap 6" wide "ribbon" for for my canopy. I have something that is intended to be a thin sign holder. I stenciled but I want it to run the full 10" so I am to fold over the end have twine ties so my extensions say in place. I am testing beewax sheets. We will see


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