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December 5, 2012

Overcoming Life's Struggles

Raising the White Flag

Missing in action!  It has been a few months since my last post.

Has anyone wondered what happened to this blog author?

or perhaps no one even knew I was away ........Ah! can't get rid of me that easy.


Yep, I know, you probably thought I'd  given up on trying to write creative post and DIY my way
into the cozy homes of readers across blog land.

Honestly, I have been busy,

busy with.........

oh well read on have to read through to the end


Let Me Paint A Picture

Has this ever happened to any of you ??

Has life ever gotten in the way of blogging?

Really....... you just have too much going on

too many unwanted DIY projects, (not the fun kind) not the kind you blog about

I mean the kind that comes from owning a home, a car, etc.....from the wear and tear of life seriously, when tough times hit

do you blog authors take the time to sit and write creative or not so creative blog post.

taking the time to edit pictures making sure they are just perfect.......... placing your watermark in just the right spot for the world to see.

I mean sometimes we are just in survival mode........We are in a war, with LIFE.

Can I get a raise of hands?

what you will find in the words of this post is true grit

No fluff, no bling, no pretty Color It Simple projects

honestly, this has been anything but SIMPLE (gosh, I have to laugh)

WARNING: Read at your own risk, this is not for the faint of heart.  But I am sure many of you can relate to some of it and laugh along with me.  Some of you may even cry along with me.

 Have you ever just felt like raising the white flag?


one of your cars breaks down, then the other car decides it feels left out and needs attention as well............

a few weeks go by and your well pump, 100 ft in the ground decides to go on a permanent vacation.



your swimming pool is in a constant state of


because it looks like the evergreen just can't seem to kill the new mutated strain of algae colonies that has moved in and made your oasis their new found home.



As you sit on your couch trying to relax from cleaning out your evergreen pool, you hear a hiss behind you.

NO it's not a snake, .......silly

it is a pipe, yep a pipe that has busted in the wall that separates you and the bathroom.

ACK.....NOT on my new hardwood floors......

let's continue....


then weeks later you find tiny little moths that have piggybacked their way into your pantry from your local grocery store......... now these pesty little squatters procreate like rabbits and have created


with their very own runways and traffic control towers.


now we get to throw away anything not sealed in a can..... OK breath

...........this too shall pass...............


Do you ever feel like raising the white flag


Horror......a pipe under your house burst which sits conveniently on a concrete slab.......

under your newly laid hardwood floors.

did you catch the depth of that ........UNDER the concrete?

Who knows how long this has been leaking until one day your neighbor shows up knocking on your front door proceeding to tell you they are going to have to build a boat from the water that is running into their driveway from your house.


You and your husband take a deep breath while taking a stroll to the side of the house that never gets a visit unless mowing the grass, to find a gentle stream running out of the brick from the side of your home.

Awe, Quaint, I have always wanted to live by a stream :)


Think Im done?

Not a chance......

You wake up one morning to find that your refrigerator is on strike and all the food is carrying picket signs demanding lower temperatures for their working conditions.  The Milk and eggs had us right where they wanted us, so we had to give in to their demands.


Just when you think you might be riding the wave into the safe zone.....

a few weeks pass and you find standing water seeping through your concrete patio outside.  You find out that the culprit is a busted pipe under the patio .....

This pipe is the main water line that feeds the water into your house.

More Sighs........

Have you ever seen the movie the "MONEY PIT"?



With a talented, hard working DIY'er hubby these were things were costly, inconvenient, a pain in the butt, but they were things we could FIX.  When it all comes down to it, it is all stuff.  Of course, Stuff we need to live.

It is not until the phone call comes with something you cannot FIX

a call that says your Baby boy of  25 years

has been diagnosed by the doctors with Stage IV hodgkin's lymphoma........

Now my friends, that will knock the wind right out of you, putting all these things that has fallen apart into perspective.

My son and my family are a family of FAITH.  Faith in Jesus as provider and healer........ a Faith that knows, He is the same yesterday, today and forever.

The doctors may have diagnosed our son with this news

but our Father God has the final say in his Life.

We will agree with heaven and the report of the Lord over our son.

We are not religious freaks ......however we are Jesus freaks.  We take our relationship serious with Jesus and we obey the things he ask of us.

I was talking with my Papa God the other day and told him I felt like I was laying Isaac (my son Jared) on the alter just as Abraham did.   (You can read Genesis 22 for the full story)

I again raised the White Flag .......

I have surrendered, just like I surrendered all the other trials to him.

I have surrendered our son to my heavenly Father.

I have total confidence in my Father's ability and I trust him to take care of our son.

We will partner with our Father in this journey with our son Jared ....... I will share some things with you as we walk this out.  I may not be posting frequent but know that I am still here and will post when I can.

For those prayer warriors out their please, please keep my son and our family in your prayers, for there is power in the prayers of God's children.

We have been through some interesting battles this year and we are facing our biggest one yet.  However, God is Faithful and good all the time, He will be our Refuge in this storm.

 Our Battles belong to the Lord.

Until next time,

4 Thoughtful Comments:

Diane said...

Amen Lori....May I offer some help. if you dont already know. The Leukemia and Lymphoma Society has financial aid up to $5000 per person. This is reimbursements for copays, insurance premiums, and medical treatments related to the lymphoma. How do I know this?, My husband is a participant. You can apply at LLS.Org. Good luck and all my best for your son. I will keep you all in my prayers. Diane

kaye hodsdon said...

While reading this last night with you here making my home even more beautiful than you already have, we chuckled at the never ending wammies after another you've been dealt for WHATEVER reason. You know I'm standing with you guys in all that lies ahead with Jared. It's going to be good!! Watching as our Papa places everything in place just like it's suppose to be. The trust and surrender in the waiting is the hard part. Know I love ya friend and so ever grateful for you.

Kerry said...

It's situations like these that I find myself wanting to say something uplifting but not knowing exactly what. I think when our children's lives are threatened, it's as close as we can come to knowing the pain of the sacrifice that He made for us. He is faithful and good and your son is in His healing hands! Father, wrap your loving arms around this family and give them comfort as only You can!

thistlewoodfarm said...

Lori, heart is aching for you. You have such a wonderful attitude toward everything. You are such an inspiration. My thoughts and my prayers are with you and your sweet family.



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