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July 3, 2012

Sophie Ella's Newborn Pictures

My son, Sophie's daddy does photography as a hobby and side job.  These are the pictures he took of his beautiful daughter when she was 4 days old. She was born June 19th, 2012

Aaron Rooks Photography on FaceBook

Do you recognize the name sign??

Remember this post About to POP where I shared the sign I made for their baby shower.

Well, this is her name off the sign use in the pictures....It is so cute don't ya think?

 Aaron did such a fantastic job in taking these.

This vintage suitcase was a great find.  My son had told me to be on the look out for one and the day before her photo-shoot I found this beauty at a yard sale for 5 bucks.

I snatched it up........ 

Does she not look so adorable in the suitcase!!

Honestly guys I never knew how much work went into taking newborn photos until I spent the afternoon with Aaron helping him with her shoot.

ladies this calls for lots of patience.....I mean watching him position her so gently......

then rocking her in place with white noise playing in the back ground to make sure she is in REM sleep.....

The babies have to be in this deep sleep so they can be put into all these cute positions. It takes a lot of hands, assistance  and patience to pull this off ......

and a baby that is in deep sleep of course.

Oh my heavens, is this not sweeeet.  Big sister holding her baby sister all dressed up in the cutest rose colored matching rompers.

Our Sophie love.......

Hope you enjoyed the pictures.

Until next time,

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