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July 17, 2012

Meet The Briar Patch Kids

Our new Family Members

I feel like Alice in Wonderland.....One day I fell down the rabbit hole and came out into the Briar patch!!!

...where 3 little furry friends greet me every morning

meet the 3 new additions to our family

drum roll please.................


Isn't he just the cutest thing, with his little brown nose and pink eyes.

Napoleon is a Californian bunny rabbit....I know what your thinking and NO Silly :) :)

he is not from California that is his breed of rabbit.

He is my little male.... male rabbit and let me tell ya he is a sweet one

.......................and one of the easiest of the three to hold.

Napoleon's favorite thing to do is eat!!!

That boy can put away some food I tell ya.

See while doing his photo shoot he could not resist a little snack.

when it was over 100 degrees it was to hot for my furry friends to be in the heat

so Barry and I brought them all in the house (can you say disaster)

 Napole decided he wanted to get frisky with Willow and she wanted NO part of that.

So the feisty girl that she is put him in his place real quick......

clawing, biting, hair flying all over the house ..... he ended up in the corner hunkered down waving his white flag.  She WON!

They are just babies but he had forgotten that.....Male brain


Annabelle is the bell of the ball.......She is very prissy and lady like...see  you can just see it in her facial expression

....... she didn't take to us commoners very well at first but now that I have given her her very own name plaque in her favorite color she is quiet happy in her new home.

She has warmed up to us.

This was her first week with us and she was a little camera shy so only one good picture of Annabelle.

Of course ladies we all know that no one should ever post a bad picture of us on the world wide-web

well Annabelle is no different so I respected her wishes. :)

Annabelle is a New Zeland rabbit and no silly~~~~~~ again she is not from New Zealand.

She does however make her rabbit noise with an accent...J/K

And Finally


There is always one in the bunch and this is my rowdy child.  She is quiet rambunctious and oh my



This girl is a DIVA....she is not camera shy, she welcomed all the attention

........this girl wants everyone to look at her

and pay NO attention to those other silly old rabbits.

Whose Annabelle and Napoleon?

She is the one who adores attention.....she will come running up to the door of her cage for some good

ole' lovin...

she loves her back rubbed and her head....but warning when you try to pick her up she wants to claw

and scratch because she wants to runnnnn.

Willow is a Chinchilla rabbit and I adore her color.

This is our bunnies Briar Patch home.

Of course I had to paint it and pretty it up with flowers and signs.

Home Sweet Rabbit Home!

Until next time,


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