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April 19, 2014

"I am not here to make you aware of Cancer, I am here to make Cancer aware of JESUS"

My Son's Battle with stage 4 Cancer

I am a proud Mama!!

Yes sir reeeeeeeee......................

My son, Jared is such an inspiration to me

actually, he is an inspiration to a lot of people


                                               in the FACE of adversity

He rejoices,  because he knows where his help comes from

                                            he understands that he is not his own and put's

his FAITH, his TRUST in              


You see, Jared just got out of the hospital for a 3 day chemo treatment

                                                         To bring you up to speed.........

Last year he went through 3 rounds of AVBD Chemo treatments 

                                  from Jan- March 2013 until the pet scan came back clean.

Then after a check up and another pet scan the cancer was diagnosed again in Feb 2014 and this time in his bone Stage 4 HL.

So this is now his second round in 2014 of I.C.E. chemo treatments 

                                      which when taken he is admitted into the hospital for 3 days.

The day he arrived in the hospital he got busy about his FATHER'S business

He prayed with one of the nurses

Then later that same day at the hospital he prayed with the guy that came into repair the TV.

There were many more pray sessions through out the 3 days that just blessed my heart

and I have no doubt it 

                             BLESSED GOD'S HEART!!

The day after Jared got out of the hospital

                        he was ask to be the guest speaker at "Relay For Life"

He shared his STORY..............

He brought a message of FAITH & HOPE in Jesus to those that are fighting cancer, those who have fought and won, or sadly those who have lost someone to cancer.

He spoke with people

                                        ..................He Prayed with people

He took the time to love on people......

Jesus ask us to be his hands and feet and Jared does this so beautifully

this guy had lost his Father to cancer and was deeply wounded trying to heal from the pain

2013 Mustang .......The Memorial on wheels

Here is a cancer awareness car that Jared got the privilege to sign

what a beautiful memorial to all those we love and remember.......

This picture says it all.................

Jared loves life, he is an encourager.......he shares the life of Jesus that he has been given

does he get down, sure, does he have negative thoughts, Im sure


But he knows all those are choices

                               .....................he chooses to live IN HOPE

he chooses daily to live IN FAITH

not in despair....................

I love what he said at the "Relay For Life" during his speech

"I am not here to make you aware of Cancer, I am here to make Cancer aware of JESUS"

Don't tell God how big your problem is, tell your problem how big your GOD is

So you see with a thankful and humble heart I am proud to call him SON!

PS: If you would like to follow Jared and encourage him you can find him on Facebook

Loving transformation,


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