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February 15, 2014

Lifehackers! Never Peel An Egg Again!

I found this amazing trick on and just had to share with my friends.

I love lifehackers, don't you?...............

How many of you get as frustrated as I do trying to peel an egg?

I see a few raised hands :)

You can't figure out why in the world that shell wants to cling ever-so tightly to the white of the egg after it has been boiled.

It can be a tedious, messy & complicated job, and it's just a boiled egg right?

you know you have googled "how to make the perfect boiled eggs" .......

cool them immediately in ice water.........

Timing, it's all in the timing........boil them less, boil them more........


oh! how about adding salt to the boiling water?

maybe, fresher eggs, older eggs

the hoops we have jumped through to get a beautiful hardboiled egg.

then the moment of truth, after all those tricks..........

you bang the egg on the counter revealing some cracks

 you begin the peeling process.......


to have them end up looking like you just landed on the far side of the moon full of craters.


what's a girl to do?????

Well leave it up to lifehackers to share an idea that will take us into orbit and off the far side of the moon.

It is easy peasy and I know your going to think I am a "Rock Star" for sharing my google Foo skills to bring you this .........


According to lifehackers peeling a boiled egg is unnecessary.


unnecessary! are the steps that will send you into singing the "Hallelujah Chorus"

Grab a Knife and slice right through the shell, yep, right through the shell

Then take a spoon and spoon it right out!

Applause ...........

What about those little pieces of shell that may cling to the egg you say, no problem, you can brush them off according to lifehackers & Kami from the NoBiggie blog.

I personally just run it under some cold tap water.

Done! Easy Peasy

Until next time,

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