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April 18, 2013

Head Over Heels!

High heels !!!!

High heels have always been a head turner! 

Are you a heel's fan?

When you want to look your absolute best, do you go for the high heels and the red lipstick?

  • Heels can make a girl feel ten feet tall
  • Heels can make you feel like a confident Diva
  • Heels can make your legs look leaner and longer
  • Heels can transform an outfit

High heels can also make you look clumsy if you dont know how to walk in them properly. 

I mean seriously even the these professionals can feel clumsy in high heels  WATCH 

can you imagine having to walk a runway with poise and grace in front of cameras and lots of people.  

When you’re walking in heels, let’s face it ladies, there’s always a tiny part in the back of your brain that repeats “don’t trip, don’t trip” continuously.

I find that as I get older my heels get lower and my lipstick gets

Not that I dont like red lipstick, it happens to be my favorite color by far & I love, love high heels as well.....

BUT, I mean really, the agility does not come as easily as it use to and I feel a little clumsy in 4 or 5 inch stilettos. 

I use to wear them all the time and now I just wann be comfy most of the time!

Can I get a witness somebody!!!!  (raise of hands)

Come on dont leave me hanging out here in heel land all by myself. 

Surely there are those of you that feel more comfortable in your flats and your oversized comfy sweatshirts


I was feeling daring this past weekend, so I took out a pair of my high heels on Sunday and decided to sport them to church!

Oh Yeah ladies, sporting a pair high heels I had not had on in at least 6 months or better. 

Funny, I was walking into church and a lady stopped me and said "How in the world do you walk in those things, I would break my neck" 

I just chuckled.........

Are these not fancy smancy HEELS?

I mean where in the world would you wear something this stunningly beautiful and flashy?

Starting to daydream..........

"Biddidi,bobbidi, boo, sang the fairy godmother as she waved her magic wand. All of a sudden, the pumpkin changed into a coach, the mice into horses, the dog into a footman, and the horse into a coachman.

She waved her magic wand again, and my oversized sweatshirt turned into a beautiful gown. On my feet appeared 5 inch stunning and oh so flashy glass Heels.

My prince charming and I whirled around the ballroom all evening with the agility of a tightrope walker.

It was glorious!!!

At the final stroke of midnight, my beautiful gown became an oversized sweatshirt and my glass slippers turned back into everyday flats.  My coach disappeared, too, and in its place was a pumpkin.


and then, I woke up!!

Daydream, Over...............

 A girl can dream can't she??????????????????????????


So the moral of this story is..........

................................... dress up more often and wear your heels with confidence!..................................

 dont trip and don't leave home without your fairy Godmother!  (snicker)

Until next time,

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