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June 1, 2012

DIY Chalkboard Play-Station

 It has been awhile since I last posted due to so much going on in my life.

 I am here to show you this fun project I have had in mind to do for months and just got around to putting my thoughts into action.

My kitchen and living space are open to each other and my fridge sits at the dividing line so I wanted to make something to hide the big black side view of the fridge.

I had an old door that I took off of my bedroom closet when I replaced them with an upgrade back last summer of 2011.  I saved the two doors and one I used for this project.  The doors were hollow core and not in great shape, hence the reason we replaced them.  Hubby took off the front and this is what I used to make the playstation chalkboard project for my granddaughter Kinley.

I filled the holes and sanded lightly.

I made up my own chalk paint with some different color blues mixed together. Then I painted two coats, let dry then primed the board with chalk and wiped down.  Pretty simple actually.

I knew I needed a frame to finish this off so I went dumpster diving over in in neighborhood that had new construction.

You will not believe what these construction workers throw away.  I found over $100 worth of trim baseboard molding that they just threw away, I guess cuz they used all they needed.

However that was to my gain!

They were 20 ft in length so I had hubby to cut and miter the corners, then I took a staple gun and stapled the molding to the board.  I painted the molding a nice white first and then filled in the corners with some paintable caulking to finish it off nicely.

Once I had all that done, now to figure out how to hang it on the side of the fridge.

Here is what I came up with.  I bought some heavy duty mounting tape that holds up to 5 pounds per every 5 inches.  This was double sided sticky of course.  I placed that along the top, sides and bottom and a couple strips in the center.  I then bought a roll of magnetic tape from Walmart in the craft section and peeled off the sticky back of that and stuck it on top of the mounting tape and stuck it up on the side of the fridge.

It is holding up beautifully and Kinley my sunshine is loving it.

Kinley my little sunshine
So what projects have you hung on your refrigerator?

Until next time,
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Candy said...

I know Kinley is lovin her playstation. Too Cute. 8-)


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