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April 4, 2012

We Foiled Our Attic


Have you been up in your attic lately? 

Hubby and I have had it with our electric bills every summer. Dread sets in as the days start to heat up because the electric bill starts rising, rising and then by August it is as unbearable as the heat. 


So we knew we needed to do something to cut the cost of the dreaded bill.

I have lived in my little house and I mean little.... a whopping 1,150 glorious sq ft for 28 years and the attic needed some serious insulation.

I mean really, the insulation just disappeared, it is like maybe 4 inches of smashed down nothing.

Does anyone else have disappearing insulation?

Well I guess after 28 years it just disintegrates. 

So hubby and I discussed our DIY options for the attic issue hoping to cut our electric bill.  

After Mr DIY did much research he told me..... baby we are going to FOIL our attic!!

I was like OK...... if you say so.

Do I need to bring the turkey and potatoes with?  (thinking to myself)


Attic foil is commonly referred to as reflective foil because it looks reflective similar to any aluminum foil. 

Yea people We foiled our attic. :) It is all so shiny.

This is not Mr DIY nor is this my attic, that looks just to easy, uh you cant stand in my attic.

Honestly, I felt so bad for my sweet hubby he is a tall guy and he had to squeeze himself in all those tiny spaces to staple the foil to the rafters.

He finished the last of the strips today so now we wait and see if our bill drops in the summer months.

People are saying it makes the attic anywhere from 10 to 20 degrees cooler with the attic foil installed.

The attic foil is not near as expensive as the blown insulation so that was a plus.  

I think we may still add some blown insulation to help out, but hubs needs to recoup from this first.

We ordered our foil online for less than half the cost of what Lowe's wanted for the same stuff.


So have any of you foiled your attic?

If so what were your results?

Until next time,

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Elyse said...

hmmmm...this is very interesting and worth a try. We are moving into our new home in June. The third floor bonus room has empty walk in attic space all around it. Living in the south too, I am afraid we will bake up there over run the air like crazy. This may be a money saving trick!


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